Cat Power Generators

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Whenever you will face any kind of power failure, whether it is temporary or permanent, it slows down your normal industrial and commercial applications. To overcome these critical situations, power generators can support a wide range of applications and their operation and runs them in a flawless way.Diesel generators

Caterpillar is a trusted name in the field of power generation. Our power generators such as Diesel Generator and Gas Generator have been designed to ensure you an efficient power supply. This also assures you years of hassle-free operations. We have power generation solutions for a wide variety of standby, emergency, continuous and prime power applications. These power generators are widely used and appreciated by our clients all across the globe for its rugged construction, superior performance and exceptionally low maintenance cost.home generators

As one of the largest manufactures of diesel and gas engine generators, Cat delivers the industry best power generators with maximum durability and reliability. These diesel and gas engine generators make sure fuel flexibilities and economy in operations at all ambient conditions in India. Designed in compliance with International quality principles, these power generator sets have come up with flexible options, thereby you can be assured of having your unique and demanding requirements met. We can respond quickly with our diverse fleet of power generation equipment across India through our authorized dealers GMMCO and TIL.

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